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NetBeans Evangelism Presentations

Welcome! This public NetBeans Evangelism page offers
visual demos, Java technology training classes, slides and presentations
ready to be shared among NetBeans Evangelists.

About Presentation Formats

The presentations are available as HTML, Macromedia Flash movies, OpenOffice documents, or PDF documents, respectively. We recommend OpenOffice, a full-fledged Open-Source office suite for all operating systems that you get for free from OpenOffice. You can download AcrobatReader to view PDF files, and Macromedia Shockwave Player to view Flash demos here.

For a list of current events (such as the NetBeans worldTour) where you can attend presentations of the NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform, check out the NetBeans Community event calendar.

Visual Presentation Material

See also: Over 40 NetBeans IDE and Platform Hands-On Labs that you can use to demonstrate the NetBeans IDE's workflow on working examples. By Sang Shin.

Evangelism Presentations

Author Description NetBeans Version Download
Gregg Sporar What Is NetBeans? It's three things: A platform, an IDE, and a community. This presentation focuses on 5.5, but also provides information on the upcoming 6.0 release 5.5, 6.0 NetBeans IDE auf Deutsch - PowerPoint
Jens Trapp NetBeans - die IDE für alle Fälle. Presentation from the JAX conference (German) 5.0 NetBeans IDE auf Deutsch - PowerPoint
Jens Trapp NetBeans Module entwickeln. Presentation from the JAX conference (German) 5.0 NetBeans Module auf Deutsch - PowerPoint
Brian Leonard Java and NetBeans 5.0 Java and NetBeans - OpenOffice
Brian Leonard Nortel Java Day: Profiling Across Continents 5.0 Profiling - OpenOffice
Brian Leonard San Jose State University: Java and NetBeans 5.0 Java and NetBeans - OpenOffice
Brian Leonard Product Masters Training: NetBeans End-2-End Demo 5.0 NetBeans End-2-End Demo - HTML
Brian Leonard Java ME Application Monitoring 5.0 Mobility Monitoring - HTML
Sang Shin Master Index of NetBeans IDE Tutorials and Articles all Tutorial index - HTML
Roman Strobl Vyvoj Java Aplikaci v NetBeans 5.0. (Presentation slides in Czech) 5.0 Vyvoj Java Aplikaci - OpenOffice
Roman Strobl Sun Tools Overview: NetBeans IDE, Java Studio Creator, Java Studio Enterprise, Sun Studio — Which one to choose? Feature highlights, demos, future plans N/A Sun tools - OpenOffice
Roman Strobl Evolution of Java EE and Enterprise Tools: J2EE 1.4 and Java EE 5 tools support, Focus on simplicity, productivity 5.0, 5.5 Java EE Evolution - OpenOffice
Roman Strobl JDK 6 and JDK 7 Roadmap: Main themes, New features, Current status. 5.0, 5.5 Java SE Roadmap - OpenOffice
Andy Gherna JA-SIG Summer Conference: uPortal Development with NetBeans IDE. 5.0 uPortal and NetBeans - OpenOffice
Gregg Sporar A high-level comparison of the user interface and functionality in Eclipse 3.1 compared to NetBeans 5.0 IDE. 5.0 Comparison of NetBeans IDE 5.0 and Eclipse 3.1 - OpenOffice
Brian Leonard JBoss World: Java EE 5 Development, Transitioning to Seam. 5.5
Sang Shin AJAX Training Workshop with Focus on Toolkits/Frameworks: Presentation slides, Hands-on labs, Flash presentations and demos. Content: Basic concepts of AJAX and the core technologies -- JavaScript, CSS, DOM, and XMLHttpRequest; workflow of AJAX operations and example code; key frameworks and toolkits that are available today for building AJAX applications -- Dojo, JSF, jMaki, DWR, GWT, Wicket, Shale; AJAX development tools such as JavaScript debugger (especially FireBug), DOM inspector, logging tool. 5.0, 5.5 AJAX Code Camp - HTML
Brian Leonard Developing to the Ricoh SDK with NetBeans 5.0 NetBeans & Ricoh SDK - PowerPoint

NetBeans WorldTour - Presentation Slides

Check out more worldtour-related demos and scripts in the worldtour wiki!

Author Description NetBeans Version Download
Various NetBeans Day in a Box — Is the NetBeans World Tour bypassing your city this year? Host your own! We provide all the materials and the scripts to run the demos. 5.5 NetBeans Day in a Box - HTML
Brian Leonard Step Onto Our Platform Session. Introduction. 5.5 Platform Session ODP
Various Unpack Your Favorite Feature. Introduction. An overview of all the packs and a reminder of our strategy (discussed in the opening session). Explain how to get and apply the packs. 5.5 Feature packs - ODP
Brian Leonard Java EE 5 - Did You Get Your Tools With That? 5.5 Java EE Tools - ODP
Various On the Move with NetBeans: Welcome, introductions and overview of the NetBeans day 5.5 Intro - ODP

NetBeans Software Day San Francisco - Presentation Slides

Author Description NetBeans Version Download
Martin Ryzl NetBeans Mobility Pack: Accessing web services from a mobile phone; Using Project Matisse in CDC applications on smart phones; Profiling mobile applications; 5.0
Arseniy Kuznetsov, Tomas Pavek, Hans Muller, Scott Violet Visual Development Tools. 1) Project Matisse Roadmap: Planned enhancements and overall direction for the GUI builder and new Swing frameworks (JSR 296, JSR 295). 2) Visual Design Tools for Creating Web Applications: Rapid web application development in the NetBeans IDE; WYSIWYG web page editor including page flow and outline views; Leverage the power of Java Server Faces and AJAX; Drag-and-drop to bind page components to data sources. 3) Simplified creation of smart web clients using XTT 5.0 GUI Builder Roadmap slides - OpenOffice
Ludovic Champenois Java EE 5 development with NetBeans IDE: Object/Relational mapping; Rapid application development; JAX-WS 2.0; Project Tango (Web Services Interoperability Technology); Inline verification via editor hints; Debugging Java EE applications; Profiling Java EE applications. 5.0 Java EE 5 - SXI
Tim Boudreau Developing on the NetBeans Platform (1+2): What is the NetBeans Platform? What can you do with the NetBeans Platform? Developing simple applications on the NetBeans Platform; Advantages of using the modular architecture of the NetBeans Platform What is a module? How to integrate a module into the NetBeans IDE. 5.0
Todd Fast NetBeans Enterprise Pack — Get a head start on developing Service Oriented Architecture applications: Creating services for existing applications; Orchestrating services to create a composite application; Using the UML and XML tools. 5.5 SOA, UML, and XML tools - SXI

NetBeans WorldTour Presentation Slides

Author Description NetBeans Version Download
Brian Leonard Toronto: Module Development...Simplified! Introduction to Java ME. NetBeans Mobility Pack - a complete Java ME/MIDP IDE. Tutorial: visual designer, emulator support, tools for solving device fragmentation problems, mobile client to web application wizard. 5.0 Module Development - OpenOffice
Brian Leonard Toronto: J2ME Application Development...Simplified! About module development. Working with modules. Tutorials: Rich Client Platform (news feed reader) and Module Development (Google Toolbar). 5.0 Java ME Development - OpenOffice
Roman Strobl Moscow: NetBeans IDE for Java EE Development. Feature overview. 5.0 NetBeans & Java EE - OpenOffice
Roman Strobl Moscow: Building Great Java Applications with NetBeans IDE. Feature overview. 5.0 IDE features  - OpenOffice
Anton Chechel Moscow: Почему NetBeans является лучшей IDE для Java ME разработки? (Why NetBeans is the best IDE for Java ME development?) 5.0         
Jeff Jackson Madrid: Keynote — A High level view of NetBeans, the platform, the IDE, and the community. 5.0 Keynote - OpenOffice
Gregg Sporar Madrid: Introduction to the NetBeans IDE, distinguishing features and important new features added in version 5.0. 5.0 5.0 Intro  - OpenOffice
Gregg Sporar Madrid: Using the NetBeans IDE to develop Java EE applications. 5.0/5.5 Java EE - OpenOffice
Geertjan Wielenga Madrid: Plug-in module development, why and how! An introduction to using the NetBeans Platform 5.0 Modules & Platform  - OpenOffice