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Top-Level Mailing Lists

These are the primary NetBeans mailing lists. They are split here into User, Developer, and Community related lists, as well as lists in languages other than English. To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a blank email to the appropriate address below. You can also browse the list archives online.

Please do not cross-post the same question to multiple lists! Read the list descriptions below carefully, and pick a single list. Don't worry if it turns out to be the wrong place, someone will let you know where to try.

Support for NetBeans IDE

If you are a NetBeans IDE user, and want support, first subscribe to the nbusers list, then post your question there. This is how you get free support! You may also be interested in expert assistance from the Sun Developer Services team.

User and Interest Lists

Support and use of NetBeans, general news and interest lists.

A high-level announcements list, for the monthly newsletter and major release notifications. This is not a discussion list, and is not open to public posting. Traffic is very low (1-2 posts / month).
Recommended for : Anyone interested in NetBeans.
Average Posts / week* : < 1
The weekly newsletter distribution channel, starting April 19. Keep up to date with what's going on at netbeans with this short, weekly digest compiled by a different volunteer each week. This is not a discussion list, and is not open to public posting. Traffic is very low (4 posts / month).
Recommended for : NetBeans users and developers, who want to keep an eye on what's happening at netbeans.
Average Posts / week* : 1
The NetBeans users mailing list. General discussion of NetBeans use, this is the place to ask for help and to help others.
Recommended for : General support and discussion, for NetBeans users of all levels. Developers and experienced users are encouraged to subscribe and help out newcomers.
Average Posts / week* : < 10
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The main discussion and support list for J2EE development in NetBeans IDE. Covers NetBeans features for developing JSP/Servlets, Web services, EJBs, and J2EE applications.
Recommended for : Support and discussion for NetBeans users doing J2EE development.
Average Posts / week* : < 10
The main discussion and support list for the Enterprise Pack - which includes features for creating BPEL-based web services and XML Schema and WSDL artifacts.
Recommended for : Support and discussion for NetBeans users doing SOA development.
Average Posts / week* : < 10
The main list for discussions on how to use the NetBeans APIs.
Recommended for : Anyone building modules for the NetBeans IDE, or applications on top of the NetBeans Platform.
Average Posts / week* : < 10

*Posts/week - average weekly traffic over the last 5 weeks.

Development Lists - working on NetBeans

Lists for those working on NetBeans itself. Also see the Build Process Lists.

The main NetBeans developers' mailing list. All day-to-day discussion and planning, of NetBeans development happens here.
Recommended for : Anyone working on the NetBeans codebase, or interested in doing so.
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Mailing list for architecture reviews. The list receives notifications when a new review is started, discussions about reviews and also automatic notifications about changes in code base as reported by the verification framework.
Recommended for : People who what to be notified about changes in NetBeans architecture and possibly influence it.
The NetBeans User Interface (UI) mailing list.
Recommended for : People interested in the usability of the IDE and helping to improve it - discussions on the graphical appearance of the IDE, its key bindings, workflow issues ... Note this is not a support forum.
Automated notifications of issue changes or updates for that module.
Automated notifications of cvs commits for that module.
A "rollup" list - all issue status changes for all modules.
Not recommended for general use!
Average Posts / week : Very high volume
A "rollup" list - all cvs commit notifications, for all modules.
Not recommended for general use!
Average Posts / week : Very high volume

Community & Other Mailing Lists

Broader-scope community related lists

This is a forum for discussion of the NetBeans open source project infrastructure - the website, Wiki, mailing lists, governance, etc. Do not mail support questions or enhancement requests here!
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Discussion on community marketing of NetBeans.
Recommended for : Anyone interested in helping to promote NetBeans worldwide.
Low-level discussions of ongoing work on and upcoming plans for the NetBeans website.
Recommended for : Anyone involved in working on content on a netbeans website, anyone who wants to help improve the website.
Discussion on different ways of teaching Java with the NetBeans IDE.
Recommended for : Java teachers, university professors and anyone interested in Java in education.
NetBeans related job forum, both wanted and offered. Note : This list is moderated, and is not a general purpose jobs forum! Job postings and resumes not relevant to NetBeans will not be approved.
Recommended for : Employers seeking NetBeans skills, and NetBeans developers seeking jobs.

Lists in Your Language

These lists are intended for community members who cannot communicate in english on the other lists. Note in the interests of maximising the sharing of community knowledge use of the english lists wherever possible is recommended. In cases where that is not possible the following localised lists are available. Each list has a "community leader" who voluntairily acts as a liason between their list members and the wider english community, for example translating and cross-posting anything of interest (though this is not expected for normal day-to-day traffic).

Liste de discussion en français où vous pouvez discuter entre francophones au sujet de l'EDI NetBeans.
Recommandé pour : les membres francophones de la communauté NetBeans
Рассылка для русскоговорящих пользователей и разработчиков NetBeans. Место для общего обсуждения NetBeans, от использования до разработки приложений на её основе.
Рекомендовано для : Русскоязычной части сообщества NetBeans.
製品や web ページへのフィードバック、使用法などに関するトピックの共有や提供、既存の機能等に関するディスカッションを日本語で行うためのメーリングリストです。
こんな方々に: すでに NetBeans を使用している、使い始めたばかり、フィードバックを送信してみようと思っている、最新のリリース情報を共有したい等々、幅広いユーザー向けのリストです。
中文 NetBeans 综合讨论 - 用法、社区以及开发等方方面面。 推荐人选: 对 NetBeans 感兴趣且说中文的任何人。
Esta lista é recomendada para membros da comunidade NetBeans que falam português. Nela são discutidos assuntos gerais sobre o NetBeans IDE.
Lista ta jest polecana członkom społeczności użytkowników NetBeans, którzy znają język polski. Głównym tematem dyskusji jest NetBeans IDE.
Esta lista esta recomendada para los miembros de la comunidad NetBeans que hablan Español. El tema general de discusion aqui es el IDE Netbeans.