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The netbeans Web team

The netbeans web site is an open source web site where many people share information about using and developing the NetBeans IDE. netbeans is hosted on SourceCast — an application for collaborative development on the internet, provided by CollabNet. SourceCast offers the CVS version control system, mailing lists and issue tracking system for reporting bugs, as well as many administrative utilities to manage user accounts and permisssions.

The netbeans site is split into modules - each module has it's own website, owner and team of developers. The www module is a "parent" website, with general information about NetBeans (new visitors start.

We have customised the version of SourceCast that we are running on fairly heavily. We have quite an interesting back-end publishing and content maintenance system we have developed ourselves, to automate and manage much of the site content.

Listed below are the members of the NetBeans web team - though of course not all people helping us manage this site are listed. So we'd like to say thanks all for your help.


  • If you are a module owner, or working on a module website, please make sure to read our Web guidelines.
  • If you are contributing content to the netbeans website itself, please also read our www guide.
  • If you work on a netbeans website, our daily error reports & web traffic statistics provide insight into the status of your page.
  • If you are interested in learning more about SourceCast, take a look at the introduction to SourceCast.

The NetBeans Web Team

Jack Jan
  Jack, Jan & Tomas

  Tinu, Tori & Ruth

  • Manage the netbeans web site
  • Manage issues reported against SourceCast in Issuezilla
  • Develop new features for the site
  • Develop tools for content management
  • Moderate some mailing lists
  • Web Help desk for the NetBeans community


  • Hosting netbeans - all services (CVS, http, mailing lists ...)
  • Provide and develop SourceCast
  • Support SourceCast - respond and fix problems as they are reported

Special Thanks

The web team would like to thank :
  • Maxym Mykhalchuk for Russian content translations
  • Vincent Brabant for French content translations
  • Choong-Wai Fu for his work