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Pre-release Flash Demos of NetBeans IDE 6.0

Here you can find pre-release flash demos which let you to discover features of the upcoming NetBeans IDE 6.0. If you are searching for other demos, take a look at our NetBeans IDE 5.5 Flash Demos, NetBeans IDE 5.0 Flash Demos and NetBeans IDE 4.1 Flash Demos.

Tor Norbye mixes Ruby and Java development using NetBeans
Tor Norbye uses NetBeans IDE 6.0 to integrate a Java desktop CRUD with a Ruby on Rails application. Tor highlights the code completion and live templates features of the Java and Ruby editors, the Rails code generator, and the IDE's JUnit module.
jMaki on Rails for Dummies
This screencast by Arun Gupta shows how a jMaki-wrapped Yahoo DataTable widget can be used to pull data from MySQL database using ActiveRecord in a Rails application. This is a screencast of the Jmaki on Rails for Dummies tutorial that uses NetBeans IDE 6.0 (Milestone 9) and the jMaki plug-in.
Getting started with NetBeans IDE 6.0
Roumen gets you started with NetBeans IDE 6.0 (Milestone 9). He covers the welcome screen, creating new projects, editing, compiling and running an application, integrated debugging, and JUnit testing.
NetBeans Visual Library
In this video tutorial, Roumen creates applications with graph-oriented content using the visual library.
JRuby on Rails in NetBeans IDE
Roumen's demo shows (J)Ruby on Rails in NetBeans. Discover how NetBeans 6.0 is going to help Ruby developers with many useful features, all in one integrated environment.
Advanced JRuby editing features in NetBeans IDE
Roumen's demo shows various advanced editing features such as the IDE's powerful code completion for Ruby. Discover how NetBeans 6.0 is going to help Ruby developers with many useful features, all in one integrated environment.
NetBeans 6.0 GUI Builder
In this presentation, Roumen demos new features in the area of Java Desktop applications: Improved support for the Swing application framework and Beans Binding. These features will be included in the 6.0 release of the NetBeans GUI Builder.
Discover here a little flash demo of new features introduced in the milestone 5 of NetBeans 6.0.
Hope you will appreciate. Demo contributed by Vincent Brabant
An innovative approach for configuring and controlling the NetBeans Profiler is now available in Milestone 1 of NetBeans Profiler 6.0. Profiling Points bring the concept of breakpoints from the debugger to the profiler. In this preview version, Profiling Points allow users to reset results and take snapshots at precise points of execution as well as measure the execution time of arbitrary code blocks. This demo shows how to use this new feature. This is a preview of technology under development that is being made available so that . The code is not yet complete and there are some bugs - the list of currently known issues is here.

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