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NetBeans Dream Team

NetBeans Dream Team is a community-driven group of highly skilled NetBeans users. They participate at NetBeans developer events, on mailing lists and developer forums, providing new, interesting and informative content as well as developing new and creative ways to promote NetBeans.


The first phase of the NetBeans Dream Team, is to provide a basic framework that the elected members can use in the creation of a formal program.  This program, being a community-based initiative, is now being designed by the community leaders who have helped to shape the NetBeans project.

Our Founding Members

Here are the charter members of the NetBeans Dream Team, lead by Bruno Souza, NetBeans Community Manager.

Name Country Specialization
Adam Bien Germany Instructor, Consultant, Author
Emilian Bold Romania Consultant, Blogger
Vincent Brabant Belgium Writer & Speaker
Aristides Villarreal Bravo Panama Professor, Blogger, Writer, Translator
Wade Chandler United States User Support & Writer
Fabrizio Giudici Italy JUG leader & Blogger
Glenn Holmer USA Web Team Leader
Masoud Kalali Afghanistan Module developer & Community leader
Jörg Plewe Germany Speaker & Blogger
Vinicius Senger Brazil Instructor & Speaker
Edgar Silva Brazil JUG leader, Speaker & Blogger
David Strupl Czech Republic Platform Developer & Consultant
Ibon Urrutia Spain Community Leader

The complete list of members can be found on the wiki.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The founding members have been asked to draft a charter of responsibilities for the group
  • They are responsible for creating admission guidelines, recruiting, screening & accepting new members
  • Act & represent the interests of NetBeans in a positive, professional manner
  • Spend a pre-determined (T.B.D.) amount of time on NetBeans related activities a week.
    • Can include: blogging, writing content, localization work, answering questions on mailing list & representing NetBeans on industry forums, NetCAT participation,
  • Act as a local representative and contact for NetBeans & their skill set


  • These individuals have a proven strong allegiance to and are passionate about NetBeans
  • Selection Criteria
    • Not an employee of Sun Microsystems
    • Actively involved in the NetBeans community & project
    • Specialist in one or more areas of NetBeans (including packs & Platform)
    • Individuals who can influence others (for example):
      • Active on NetBeans mailing lists, industry forums and/or at industry events
      • Leader or Member of a Java User Group (JUG), open source project or other complimentary community
      • Lead in a large development team
      • Professor/Instructor
      • Experienced blogger
      • Industry analyst
    • Other Considerations:
      • Language skills
      • Research projects
  • Strong character: honest, reputable and knowledgeable
  • 1 year term with a simple confirmation process to continue if clear and specific criteria is met

Member Benefits

  • Free copies of Sun products that the member supports in conjunction with NetBeans & partner discounts
  • Access to selected NetBeans Education resources
  • Access to NetBeans conference materials: Presentations, CDs & ISO image, T-shirts, Print Materials
  • NetBeans Gear: T-shirts, use of logo & title, listed bio on NB, other special promotional gear
  • Increased individual Visibility & Prestige
  • Special inside NetBeans access - roadmap planning meetings, discussions, etc.
  • Publication opportunities

Future Members:

Now that the charter members have been selected from the nominations, membership will be decided by Dream Team members. People get invited because they get noticed. People get noticed because they are acting as if they are already Dream Team members. The best way to become a member is to start acting like one! The guidelines for future admission are forthcoming.

What's Next?

The Dream Team is now busy preparing rules and objectives of the team. Stay tuned!