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NetBeans Teams


The development team develops the NetBeans IDE and Platform. It makes sure the IDE has the right set of features, and the implementation is clean, fast and rock solid. For more details about the team, see the Development team pages.

User Interface (UI)

The UI team designs the user interface of the IDE. The design centers are usability, intuitivity, developer productivity, taking into account as accessibility requirements and other correct design principles (e.g. Java Look & Feel Guidelines). Find out more on the UI website, or read the interview.

Quality Assurance (QA)

The QA team makes sure the NetBeans IDE & Platform work as advertised. This includes building and maintaining a suite of automated tests, regular testing, as well as maintenace of the bug database. See the QA team pages to find out more.


The Evangelism team is responsible for promotion of NetBeans (including tradeshows, conferences, press, regional-specific activities, education, etc.), the product information content of the netbeans website and other Evangelism activities. To see how you can join and participate see the Evangelism team pages.


The Web team makes sure the NetBeans website is the state-of-the-art source of information for NetBeans users and a great portal for the NetBeans community. The website uses CollabNet's SourceCast infrastructure as the backend logic, and provides a NetBeans-specific look&feel and features on top of it. See the Web team pages to find out more; join the team or see how else you can help us make the website better.