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NetBeans 5.5.1 Release Information


Documentation is provided for NetBeans in the form of web-based guides and the IDE's help system. You can use the following documents to get started:

5.5.1 Feature Highlights

The main feature of NetBeans 5.5.1 is support for the Java EE 5 Application Server 9.1. Beta builds of Appserver 9.1 (GlassFish v2) are now available.

NetBeans 5.5.1 also adds Windows Vista as a supported platform.

The Mobility Pack includes the J2ME Wireless Toolkit, version 2.5.1.

NetBeans 5.5.1 builds on the functionality of NetBeans 5.5 and also provides several bug fixes. For a list a complete list of NetBeans 5.5 features, see the 5.5 Release Page.

NetBeans Add-on Packs

    Use the Mobility Pack to write, test, and debug applications for Java™ Micro Edition platform (Java™ ME platform) technology-enabled mobile devices.

    Use the Visual Web Pack to rapidly and visually build standards-based web applications, including support for AJAX and JSF components.

    NetBeans Enterprise Pack provides support for creating Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications. Note: If you want to use SOA and BPEL functionality in Enterprise Pack, please use NetBeans IDE 5.5 with NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5. We do not expect to publish any further updates to NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.x. All our development efforts are now focused on NetBeans 6.0 with SOA.

    The NetBeans Profiler helps you optimize your application's memory and CPU usage.

    The C/C++ Pack supports C/C++ projects. The language-aware editor indents, completes, and syntax-highlights your C/C++ code.

Other Languages

NetBeans 5.5.1 has been localized into simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese - if you are using one of those locales you will automatically be offered the localized version, otherwise choose Other Systems & Languages to find them.