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Once registered you have the opportunity to submit bugs and feature requests in IssueZilla and submit news to the NB Community. If you want you can contribute to modules or even create a project of your own. Welcome to the team!

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Mailing Lists

The NetBeans users and support mailing list. General discussion of NetBeans use, this is the place to ask for help and to help others.
Recommended for : General support and discussion, for NetBeans users of all levels. Developers and experienced users are encouraged to subscribe and help out newcomers.
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This is a forum for discussion of the NetBeans open source project infrastructure - the website, Wiki, mailing lists, governance, etc. Do not mail support questions or enhancement requests here!
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The main NetBeans developers's mailing list. All day-to-day discussion and planning, of NetBeans development happens here.
Recommended for : Anyone working on the NetBeans codebase, or interested in doing so.
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