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To unsubscribe from a netbeans mailing list, just send a blank email message to the appropriate unsubscription address. Find the list you are trying to unsubscribe from on the lists page, and click the corresponding unsubscribe link. That's it!

Subscription Query : try this first!

If you need help tracking which address you have subscribed to which list, check out the list subscription query. It will find any subscriptions for a particular address and generate unsubscribe instructions for each.

Unsubscribing another address

By far the most common unsubscription problem is attempting to unsubscribe from an address that is not subscribed, perhaps because it is different to the one originally subscribed. An example :
  • Bob Smith subscribes to nbusers, using address ;
  • Bob changes his email address to, and forwards to his new address ;
  • Bob tries to unsubscribe from nbusers, which fails.

In this case, Bob must use the following format :

Or, more generally, use

Where listname is the name of the list, like nbusers or nbdev, and user=host.domain is your original email address, with "=" substituted for "@", so

becomes bill=microsoft

For per-module mailing lists like

, the format looks like

If you haven't already, submit a list query for your other email address, the results will include these special format unsubscribe addresses.

Finding which address you have subscribed

If you're not sure which of your email addresses is subscribed, you can find out by examining the headers of a list message. See the list FAQ for details.

Digest lists

Digest lists work exactly as described above - only the listname is different. So in the example above, to unsubscribe from the nbusers digest list, Bob would use :

Still having trouble?

If you've tried all of the above, contact the list owner. Addresses for list owners take the form


so for example the nbusers list owner address would be