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Shows and Events

Missed out on the NetBeans excitement last season? Let the NetBeans worldTour bring you up to speed about the latest on your favorite IDE. With 14 stops this season, there is a NetBeans Day for everyone!
NetBeans IDE against three other IDEs at JUG Cologne's IDE Shootout. Take a look back at the highlights of the events.
NetBeans IDE against three other IDEs at JUG Cologne's IDE Shootout. Can Evangelist Roman Strobl prove to developers that "NetBeans is the Only IDE They Need"?
To commemorate NetBeans Day and to introduce NetBeans IDE 6.0, we’ve put together a special issue of NetBeans Magazine: View it as a whole or as individual articles, in PDF or HTML.
A report of NetBeans-related sessions at the recent JAX'07 Java developers conference in Germany. Read about NetBeans Platform versus Eclipse RCP, and who won the Audience Award for Innovation.
NetBeans Day San Francisco was a part CommunityOne day at Moscone Center. Read about the highlights in this report. Now with photos by Jan Chalupa.
Video: Getting Ready for NB Day San Francisco
This week on SDNtv, Sun’s Tim Boudreau and Tor Norbye discuss what’s new in NetBeans 6.0, including a revamped editor that’s faster than ever and other cool features.
"'The Jolts' recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products. A perfect description of NetBeans. Read about NetBeans's multiple wins at the Jolt Awards.
There were no empty seats to be found when the NetBeans worldTour made a stop in Hyderabad, India, on February 27. Get the details and pictures from this successful worldTour stop.
Sun Announces Multi-Language Support for NetBeans 5.5
Sun and NetBeans Community Announce New Multi-Language Support for NetBeans Integrated Development Environment 5.5
We had many nominees for the Dream Team, and they came from a broad spectrum of the NetBeans community. The initial group will jumpstart the program -- stay tuned, the Dream Team will be expanded to include more NetBeans developers and advocates.
When NetBeans recently nabbed the InfoWorld Award for Java IDE Innovator, the award was another highlight in a season of good press. According to NetBeans' Director of Evangelism Judith Lilienfeld, the recent accolades and statistics are a great validation and recognition of the hard work done by engineers and evangelists, and the resulting disruption that NetBeans has created in the market.
was a productive season for NetBeans. Join us for a look back at highlights from a year of achievements.
On November 14, the NetBeans worldTour made a stop in Prague, the birthplace of NetBeans. Here's a look back at the NetBeans Day Prague.
Following true Open-Source style, the questions for this quiz were contributed by NetBeans Community members. All submissions with the correct answers will be entered in a drawing for four NetBeans Field Guides (2nd edition). Only one submission per participant is accepted.
Roman and Gregg's NetBeans Podcast #18
This week: Open Sourcing Java, LinuxFormat magazine rates NetBeans best, NetBeans Magazine #2, JavaOne call for papers, NetBeans Dream Team, Interview with Pavel Buzek, Module of the Podcast: Tapestry support, NetBeans World Tour Updates, and another NetBeans Puzzler.
Sun and Orange roll out the Developer Guidelines and Best Practices, a set of tutorials on reducing fragmentation.
Richard Drummond from the Linux Format magazine has reviewed the latest stable versions of seven popular Java IDEs. His verdict: "[NetBeans] is a solid performer for all types of Java development, with an outstanding GUI editor and great profiling tools. 9/10!"
We would not have come that far without the NetBeans community; and that's why our third birthday quiz is dedicated to you guys out there who contribute plugins, localize the product, blog, and found user groups! Show you know your community and win a new t-shirt.
NetBeans is pleased to announce the release of NetBeans IDE 5.5 FCS together with Mobility Pack FCS, Profiler Pack FCS, Enterprise Pack FCS, C/C++ Pack (Beta 3) and Visual Web Pack (Technology Preview). This NetBeans release supports the Java Enterprise Edition 5 platform, and most notably the Java Persistence, EJB 3 and JAX-WS 2.0 specifications.

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NetBeans 'World Tour' Hits Buenos Aires With A Packed Audience
The Inquirer's Fernando Cassia provides an overview of the NetBeans World Tour in Buenos Aires. "He[Roman] did a pretty impressive demo--the demo was very impressive, and the tool is very impressive..." Enjoy this write-up, with delightful pictures, too.
October 26th is NetBeans' eighth birthday! We are celebrating for the whole month of October and YOU get the presents! Join us for stories about the history of NetBeans, quizzes, and prizes, including an Apple iPod! Join the party!
Registration is open for the first NetBeans User Group meeting in Munich. Also, Roumen and Geertjan will give talks about their favorite IDE at the Source Talk Conference in Göttingen. Who says there's no NetBeans day in Germany?
NetBeans Wins JDJ Editors' Choice Award
Java Developer's Journal Contributing Editor Jason Bell writes about NetBeans 5.0 "After a bit of a love/hate start with NetBeans I've now become a convert. It's very easy to use and the enterprise support is excellent...An excellent product."
The NetBeans team announces their second FREE worldTour with 13 cities around the world. This year's tour features more demos and less slides; see NetBeans in action and exactly how it can increase your productivity. Register now for Seattle, USA.
It's not just about throwing T-shirts! Our technical evangelists have posted their NetBeans presentations for you to download. Discover the benefits of using NetBeans, cool features, and how to use it to work with various Java technologies. Spread the word!
Open Source Contributor Survey
What motivates you to contribute code to an open source project like NetBeans? Please tell us and take part in our Open Source Project Code Contributor Survey. Choose NetBeans from the pop-up where it asks for which project you want to answer.
NetBeans IDE won an award in the category Best Software Development Solution of SIIA's 21st Annual CODiE Awards. Both journalist and peer-company reviews are used to identify leaders and innovators in the software, digital content and education technology industries.
Last Monday, the winners were announced at NetBeans Day Sao Paulo. The plugins were judged on criteria such as runtime quality, code quality, originality and usefulness. Some plugins were developed by individuals, some by teams. All are open-source.
Can you match the glyphs correctly with the corresponding language? Each week NetBeans will give away five cool t-shirts to the ones who match most glyphs. The competition will run every week beginning Monday. The winners are announced weekly:
The Java Posse #46
What did Tim Cramer say about the Matisse Port at EclipseCon? What applications are using the NetBeans Rich Client Platform? How can I create mobile applications? And why does Dick sound as if he was interviewed in the bathroom? Find out in this PodCast.
NetBeans Mobility Day at CTIA keeps getting bigger! Key mobile players, including Sprint and Nokia, will be there. Find out what's happening with Java ME and NetBeans. With great door prizes and networking opportunities, this is a can't-miss event for Java Mobile developers.
Cramer Speaks at EclipseCon
Sun's Director of Java Tools, Tim Cramer, spoke at EclipseCon and explained that Matisse4MyEclipse is good for the Java Community. Coverage in Ed Burnette's blog.
NetBeans Software Day Singapore was a big success. Over 130 people listened to presentations about and saw demos of the features in NetBeans that distinguish it from the competition. And the best part: there were free prizes! :-) Check out the photo report.
The nomination period for the NB Governance Board closes on Wednesday at midnight. Please community leaders and help support NetBeans. If you use the anonymous contact form, be sure to include an email contact for them if possible so we can get their approval.
Thank you for sending in all those cool screenshots - lots of NetBeans users have customized their IDE's Look & Feel. Check out the 33 best Swing looks and see who won one of three iPod Nanos, 10 USB flash memory sticks or 30 NetBeans T-Shirts!
About 950 visitors joined Tim and Sridar in India for a live demonstration of NetBeans 5.0, the NetBeans Platform, and the NetBeans Mobility Pack. Thank you to all fellow NetBeans community members for coming to Chennai — check out this photo report!
NetBeans Podcast #4
NetBeans Evangelist and blogger extraordinaire Roman Strobl has a new podcast covering all things NetBeans. This week's edition discusses the NetBeans 5.0 RC2 release, the Matisse Flash Tutorial, Sandip Chitale's blog, and much more. Subscribe today!
Join us on February 9th in Chennai, India for our next stop of the NetBeans worldTour! NetBeans team members will give live demonstrations of NetBeans 5.0, the NetBeans Rich Client Platform, and the NetBeans Mobility Pack. Register today!
Join us in Bangkok, Thailand, for our next stop of the NetBeans worldTour! Members of the NetBeans team will give you a live demonstration of what makes NetBeans the best IDE, NetBeans as a Rich Client Platform, the NetBeans Mobility Pack, and of course NetBeans 5.0.
Have you customised your NetBeans IDE Look & Feel? Share your customisation and you could win one of three iPod Nanos, 10 USB flash memory sticks or 30 NetBeans T-Shirts!
Read the latest trip report from NetBeans day in Toronto, complete with photos.
The NetBeans team has been busy in Brazil. In November alone, we participated in the Maratona 4 Java and the Sou+Java Symposium, embarked on a nine city training tour, and launched an exciting, new initiative that focuses on NetBeans plug-in development entitled Desafio NetBeans. Find out more in this article from Ruth Kusterer and Robert Demmer.
Join the NetBeans Team at JavaPolis, Europe's leading Java technology developers conference. This year's event will be taking place December 12 - 16 at the MetroPolis in Antwerp, Belgium.

The first 200 attendees will receive a FREE copy of the the NetBeans Field Guide, a limited edition JavaPolis t-shirt and will be eligible to win an iPod Nano.
Get the inside scoop on what happened at NetBeans Day Tokyo from Evangelist Gregg Sporar.
Need more information on NetBeans? Over fifteen books about or using the NetBeans IDE are already in print. Find out which title is best for you at the new NetBeans bookshelf.
After the success of NetBeans Day - San Francisco, the NetBeans Team has hit the road for a ten city around-the-world tour. Our first stop was in Beijing on Monday, 12 September. Find out what happened in this first hand article from author Tori Wieldt.