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NetBeans Support Resources

  When you run into a problem, it's good to know you can turn to experts for help. NetBeans products come with different levels of support that fit any developer environment, from individual developers to large enterprise development teams.

Professional-powered Support

Sun Microsystems offers three support programs for NetBeans IDE:

  • Sun Developer Expert Assistance - An online, incident-based service for programming advice, sanity check, and work arounds. Not intended for bugs or escalations.

  • Sun Software Service Plans - Telephone product support, Standard level 12x5, Premium level 24x7. This plan also provides the latest patches, diagnostic tools, updates, and product defect escalation. Sold per developer.

  • Sun Developer Service Plans – A packaged offering for enterprises that combines Developer Expert Assistance, Sun Software Service Plans, and Training credits, priced according to an organization's needs. Developer Service Plans are for development and testing only, plans are product and version specific.

For a full comparison of the Sun Microsystems support offerings for NetBeans IDE, see the Sun Developer Services Buying Guide.

Community-powered Support

The NetBeans community offers numerous support resources for free:

  • Read the appropriate tutorials and guides.

  • Check the NetBeans User FAQs or the NetBeans Module Developer FAQs.

  • Read the extensive offline documentation in the IDE itself, available under the Help menu.

  • Search the nbusers mailing list archives — it is quite possible that your question has already been asked and answered on the list. If not, ask the nbusers list for help (you must to post).

  • Check the bug-tracking system to see if your problem is caused by a reported issue; if not, enter a new issue for this problem (you must be logged in to enter a new issue).

Professional Training Courses

  • Sun Java Online Training
  • Sun Java Course Catalog