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NetBeans worldTour - Meet the Only IDE You Need

Join us again when we come to you with demos of upcoming features, IDE tips & tricks, and special guests such as James Gosling.

After the wildly popular series of NetBeans events between NetBeans Software Day San Francisco in, and 2grsdt7, the NetBeans team will once again hit the road for a worldTour in.

What To Expect...

The NetBeans worldTour is a FREE and exciting learning opportunity. See first-hand how NetBeans IDE can help you become more productive with its unmatched out-of-the-box experience. Members of the NetBeans team will demonstrate what's new in the IDE and the Platform. Have a look at the agenda!

This is a great opportunity for community members to connect with each other face-to-face, interact with the NetBeans team, and meet Java luminaries like James Gosling. In all cases where possible, the local NetBeans Day will proceed a Sun Tech Day. This way you will not only learn the latest from the NetBeans community, but will have an opportunity to see related sessions from Sun Microsystems.

Have Your Own NetBeans Day in a Box

Invite your friends over, grab some popcorn, and have a tech day right in your living room: NetBeans Day in a Box includes original demo scripts and slides from NetBeans Days. And even more importantly, it's a wiki, this means, you can suggest your own new topics by adding them to the page!

NetBeans worldTour Cities and Dates

Check this page again soon for more detailed information about dates, registration and venues. Last updated: 09-30. (* subject to change)

  • Boston, USA — September 11
    at the Boston Sheraton. View detailed agenda.
  • Rome, Italy — September 24
    at Melià Roma Aurelia Antica —> Register now!
  • Milan, Italy — September 26
    at Atahotel Quark —> Register now!
  • Cagliari, Italy — September 29
    at University of Cagliari (Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering)
    View detailed agenda.

  • Shanghai, China — October 25
  • Beijing, China — November 03
  • Tokyo, Japan — November 06*
  • Frankfurt, Germany — December 03
    at the Congress Center —> Register now!

  • Atlanta, USA — Januar 09
  • Bangalore, India — February 29
  • Sydney, Australia — March 06
  • Johannesburg, South Africa — March 11*

  • St. Petersburg, Russia — April 02*
  • Manila, Philippines — Apr/May*
  • Mexico City, Mexico — May 21*


More details about the content can also be found in the WorldTour wiki.

  1. NetBeans 6.0

    All of the new features in 6.0, editor, profiler, etc.

  2. Matisse: Beans Binding and the Swing Application Framework

    How NetBeans supports Beans Binding (JSR 295) and Swing Application Framework (JSR 296).

  3. Rich Internet Applications

    What are Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and how NetBeans helps you build them: AJAX, jMaki, REST, etc.

  4. Scripting Languages

    NetBeans supports the hottest scripting languages: Ruby, JavaScript, JavaFX and PHP. And using project Schliemann you add support for your favorite language.

  5. Java Mobility

    Java applications for mobile phones, PDAs and set-top boxes.

  6. The NetBeans Platform

    Reuse existing code from the NetBeans platform when creating your own desktop applications.

Cannot Attend? Get a Free NetBeans CD

As part of the NetBeans WorldTour, we are giving away free NetBeans CDs that include NetBeans IDE 5.5.1, NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5.1, NetBeans Profiler 5.5.1, and Sun Java System Application Server 9.0update1 Platform Edition. In addition to the standard English distribution, localizations of the NetBeans IDE, Mobility Pack and Profiler are available in Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. The NetBeans WorldTour CD will be updated as major enhancements and new releases become available. When ordering a CD you will automatically enroll in a free Sun Developer Network membership.