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Notable NetBeans News - Interviews


A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Fabrizio Giudici.
NetBeans 6.0 -- The IDE to Own
Saptarshi Purkayastha initially though Eclipse was better, but he believes NetBeans 5.5 is awesome and 6.0 is gonna beat a lot of other IDEs out there. Read why in his blog!
NetBeans Podcast #34: Contests, Tutorials and Dream Teamers
Roman and Gregg are back with all the hot news: coding contests, good tutorials and interviews. Solve the NetBeans puzzler and win a prize!
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Wade Chandler.
Have you picked up any good books lately? Discover the growing library of books about programming with the NetBeans IDE, and afterwards consider adding a book or two to your reference collection.
NetBeans Podcast #33: Summer vacations, NetBeans IDE 6.0 and more
Roman and Gregg discuss summer vacations, NetBeans 6.0, other podcasts, tutorials and more. Solve the NetBeans puzzler and win a prize!
Code. Chemical structure. Developers and scientists have little in common, right? Turns out they need a similar tool to manage their data: IDEs. Learn about Instant JChem, a chemistry IDE for scientists built on the NetBeans Platform.
Tim Boudreau met the platform specialist Tom Wheeler to chat about Tom's latest 'little' project: He ports applications that analyze mass properties of aircraft for Boeing.
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Edgar Silva.
What does it take to start a NUG? The power of one. Discover how NetBeans Users Group Indonesia went from a one-person mailing list to a 289-member (and counting!) community.
SL-275, FJ-310... if you know what these identifiers mean, then you've probably taken at least one of Sun's Java courses. But how are they written? And who writes them?
SD Times - NetBeans Sprouting New Features
This Software Development Times feature article looks at the history of NetBeans, where it is today, and where it is headed with the release of NetBeans 6.0.
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Joerg Plewe.
Listen to our latest Podcast where NetBeans evangelist David Botterill announces the new Plugins Portal in an interview with technical writer Cindy Church.
We had a little chat with the Java and Ruby export, Charlie Nutter, who states: "Java and Ruby go together very well, a bit like chocolate and peanut butter combinations!"
First came Brazilian Portuguese, now the Translation Project has helped deliver the NetBeans 5.5 IDE in Traditional Chinese. Find out why this latest localization effort stands out.
Jirka Kovalsky has the answers to technical issues a NetBeans user might have. Find out who he is in this podcast and about his latest project: the Module Catalog.
A series of profile articles about the Dream Team members and why they are passionate advocates of NetBeans. Interviewee: Vincent Brabant
Smart Start makes devices that prevent drunk drivers from driving. CPB Inc is a software design firm. Find out how the two used NetBeans to manage the business of "separating drinking from driving"
Six NetBeans experts, six opinions about what could happen for NetBeans or Java in. Find out whose forecast received the most votes and read other predictions submitted by users.
NetBeans Podcast Episode #23
Not even Mother Nature could keep NetBeans Podcast #23 from coming together. Gregg and Roman discuss Project Plethora, NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5 release, NetBeans 6.0 and more.
A video overview of the NetBeans IDE and the enthusiatic community that made this project come alive.
Who Wrote This Year's First NetBeans Book?
Adam Myatt, experienced author and NetBeans user, is the writer of Pro NetBeans IDE 5.5 Enterprise Edition. It is set to be released by Apress towards the end of March. You can already pre-order it from Amazon. At 475 pages in length, it seems like a book worth getting!
Six NetBeans experts. Six different opinions about what lies ahead for NetBeans and the Java industry in.
Evangelism Podcast #20
Hear about the new NetBeans Visual Web Pack, NetBeans 6.0 development, the module Plethora (a code-generator for Looking Glass 3D), and a NetBeans puzzler.
NetBeans Module Writer Andreas Andreou shares his experiences creating a NetBeans module that provides tooling for Tapestry.
Interview with Tim Cramer, Executive Director of Tools at Sun
Java Developer Journal talks to Tim Cramer about tools, NetBeans, the NetBeans 5.5 release, Swing, frameworks, data-binding, UML, JSF, and Java. Our favorite question: "Where do you see NetBeans and Java going in the next 10 years?"
Yarda was there when it all started: Hear how NetBeans got its name, why hardly anyone wanted to build on top of the 3.4 platform, how the NetBeans team caught Jonathan Schwartz's attention at Java One in 1998, and the good side of being the "enfant terrible".
James Gosling: For Ruby or Ajax or SOA, it's NetBeans
In this two-part SearchWebServices interview, James Gosling first discusses the history and philosophy of Java. In part two, he fields questions on Ruby, JRuby, Ajax and SOA, and tells why he believes the answer for most developers is Java and the NetBeans IDE.
The NetBeans Platform
Two weeks ago, Tim Boudreau told you about the future of NetBeans. This is part 2 of Artima's interview, and this time Tim talks about the NetBeans Platform, the Matisse UI builder, GroupLayout, as well as NetBeans' support for languages other than Java.
Romanian developer Emilian Bold has been using NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform for many years. Recently he ported a Swing application to the NetBeans Platform. Here, he shares some pleasant discoveries made while porting his application.
The Future of NetBeans
Artima spoke with NetBeans evangelist Tim Boudreau about new NetBeans features and about the NetBeans community. In Part I of this interview, he discusses upcoming features of NetBeans 6.0, and compares the NetBeans and Eclipse approaches to open-source IDE development.
Vladimir Voskresensky developed the C/C++ editor for the NetBeans C/C++ Pack. In this in-depth interview he shares his experiences working with the NetBeans APIs. He provides a few valuable tips and tricks, as well as Wink demos... so check it out!
NetBeans Podcast #11
Now you get two for the price of one: Gregg Sporar joined Roumen's podcast! Listen to the two NetBeans enthusiasts as they discuss Beta2, NetBeans at schools, the worldtour, and news from the Profiler, the NetBeans Enterprise Pack, and the Visual Web Pack.
Did you ever wonder why your IDE's windows float and slide? Where do Wizards come from? How many icons are in the IDE? And who put them there? Hear it straight from the only ones who can claim to have worked on every single IDE component -- and get invited to Prague.
Edson Richter works for a start-up company and contributed significantly to the NetCAT 5.5 program. "If I was a carpenter, NetBeans would be my hammer!" he says, "If I can contribute to getting a better hammer, my work will be more efficient and bring better results."
Chuk recently wrote a module that integrates Star Office into NetBeans IDE. Read how Dilbert's pointy haired boss inspired him and what he learnt from Robin Williams in "Dead Poets Society". In addition, he tells us about an interesting Chinese saying...
Ram�n Ramos, one of this year's NetBeans Community Award Winners, uses the NetBeans platform for student projects and is an enthusiastic Module developer and blogger. Read more about his work and what his plugins can do for you in this interview.
In this first episode of NetBeans TV, NB Evangelist Roman Strobl interviews NB Field Guide Author Patrick Keegan. Please watch and let us know what you think. What should be on the next episode? Who do you want to meet? What do you want to hear about?
The Napkin Look & Feel lets you create a "draft" look for an application. NetBeans Staff met with Alex Lam to grill him about the great new module he's working on: integrating Napkin with NetBeans IDE, and any other application built on the NetBeans Platform.
Is Jackpot just another refactoring tool? What can it do for me? We had a little chat with Tom Ball, leader of the Jackpot development team, and had him answer these and other questions.
Interview with Scott Oaks
In this SDN-interview, GlassFish performance team lead Scott Oaks discusses challenging roles, performance-related issues, opportunities for improvements in the field of profiling Java applications, and the ins and outs of the NetBeans Profiler.
Collin Doering is a 15 year-old in Toronto, Canada who programs in both Java and C++ and uses NetBeans. Read about the apps he has created using NetBeans, his favorite features and the new features he'd like to see.
Edgar Silva, a very active NetBeans plug-in module developer in Brazil, will be presenting his research at JavaOne on May 17th at 20.30. NetBeans staff caught up with him and asked him a few questions.
Sun Community Champion - Xu Bin
Xu Bin of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, has been named "Sun Community Champion" for his work with the Java and NetBeans communities. He's the faculty adviser to the Java Users Group (JUG) at Tsinghua University.
Meet Tom Wheeler, a Senior Software Engineer for Object Computing, Incorporated (OCI). Tom is an active member of the NetBeans community and has written several NetBeans IDE articles and plug-in modules, including a stock trading game. Find out more in this interview.
The Java Posse
Join hosts Dick Wall, Tor Norbye, and Carl Quinn each week as they bring you news commentary, and interviews about Java technology and the Java developer community.
Linux Magazine Review of NetBeans 4.1
In this thorough review of the latest version of NetBeans, Jacques Surveyer assesses how NetBeans is holding its own against Eclipse and praises the visual design capabilities of the new release, stating that its GUI designer "gives it an edge" over Eclipse.