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What Is a Web Application?

A web application is an application that is accessed with a web browser over the Internet or an intranet. Web applications are deployed to a web server like Tomcat or, if you want to use Java EE features like web services and enterprise beans, to a Java EE application server like the Sun Java System Application Server.

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Developing Web Applications

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  • Enterprise Application FAQs


Other Resources

  • The J2EE 1.4 Tutorial
  • Join the GlassFish Community
  • JavaPassion Java EE
  • Free Introduction to Java EE from JavaPassion
  • JavaPassion AJAX Code Camp
  • Free Introduction to AJAX from JavaPassion


  • Sun Java Training
  • NetBeans IDE is now included in many of Sun's most popular instructor-led classes on Java technology. In these courses, Sun teaches the underlying Java technologies and then exposes developers to the NetBeans IDE while working on the labs within the courses. The following classes cover web application technologies:
    • Developing Applications for the J2EE Platform (course #FJ-310)
    • Web Component Development With Servlet and JSP Technologies (course #SL-314)