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Basic IDE and Java Programming Learning Trail

What Is a Java SE Application?

A Java SE application is an application written to the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE). The same unmodified Java SE applications can be run on almost any computer, whether that computer uses the Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux, or MacOS X operating systems. The key to this application portability is the Java Runtime Environment, which is available free of charge for most operating systems, including all of the ones mentioned above.

In addition to being a platform for multi-platform desktop applications, the Java SE platform is the basis for other technologies such as Java Platform, Enterprise Edition. You might find yourself writing Java code that provides back-end logic for web and enterprise applications as well.

Getting Started With NetBeans IDE

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Other Resources


  • Sun Java Training
  • NetBeans IDE is now included in many of Sun's most popular instructor-led classes on Java technology. In these courses, Sun teaches the underlying Java technologies and then exposes developers to the NetBeans IDE while working on the labs within the courses. The following classes cover basic Java programming:
    • Java Programming Language (course #SL-275)
    • Java Programming Language Workshop (course #SL-285)