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NetBeans UML® Project

The UML Modeling project provides UML modeling features to the NetBeans IDE. UML modeling allows analysts and designers to design applications using a standard modeling language. Developers are then able to generate source code from the UML model and update the model from changes made in their source code.

What's New

The UML team is in active development for NetBeans 6.0.  See the UML developer wiki for the latest information.

For UML Users

If you are an UML user and want to learn more about the UML modules and download full releases for Windows, Linux, or Solaris, please visit the product page.

Bug reporting and Defect Tracking

Software bugs are inevitable and we'd appreciate your input if you've encountered a defect or want an enhancement included in a future release.  Please use the links below to create new issues or enhancement request.

Product Development Roadmap

In the NetBeans 6.0, the big UML enhancements will be around the code generation component.  The code generation component is moving to a template based code generation mechanism.  A template based code generation will make the code generation customizable and robust.  The code generation mechanism will also merge the code being generated into the existing source files.   For more details see the UML roadmap.

Join the Community

Want to make it better? Then participate in our developer community meetings, user groups and developer email lists for more information about how you can help develop future enhancements of the UML modules.

  • Mailing lists. There are several mailing lists. Subscribe to users@uml to discuss how to use the UML modules or general UML questions. UML developers should subscribe to dev@UML.
  • Community Meetings. Public community meetings will be held regularly. Check the meeting page to get information about next meeting.
  • NetBeans UML is an open source project.  It's easy to get help from fellow developers who can be contacted by using the mailing list. This is a great resource if you need help with integrating your tool with NetBeans UML, contributing a sample, or need tutorial assistance. More information about how-to contribute to NetBeans can be found at NetBeans Contribution page
The UML project is being developed by:
  • George Vasick (Manager, Sun Microsystems)
  • Trey Spiva (Technical Lead, Sun Microsystems)
  • Craig Conover (Sun Microsystems)
  • Viktor Lapitski (Sun Microsystems)
  • Jyothi Madhavabhatla (Sun Microsystems)
  • Thuy Nguyen (Sun Microsystems)
  • Sergey Petrov (Sun Microsystems)
  • Kris Richards (Sun Microsystems)
  • Sheryl Su (Sun Microsystems)
  • Cindy Castillo (Sun Microsystems)
  • Bob May (Sun Microsystems)