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This is the home for anyone who is interested in the translation of all or a part of the Netbeans IDE.


We are searching for french translators to start the translation of the NetBeans IDE 5.5

Nous recherchons des traducteurs francophones pour commencer la traduction de l'EDI NetBeans 5.5

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What do you want to do?

Click on the links below for what you want to do. We're working on these activities, providing useful documentation and infrastructure for your needs.

Join this Project

If you're interested in localizing the Netbeans IDE and/or Platform, documentation, or other web content, please join this project. This document describes more details about this project - how to join, how to subscribe to the main mailing list, and other information.

Localize NetBeans IDE

You can localize the entire NetBeans IDE, including NetBeans Platform, to your language.

Current releases:

Localize NetBeans Platform

You can also localize the NetBeans Platform, which can be done in NetBeans IDE localization. Once the NetBeans Platform is localized, you can develop localized Rich Client Applications just within NetBeans IDE. Please check NetBeans Platform localization page.

Localize UML Modeling Module

UML Modeling Module provides UML modeling features to the NetBeans IDE. These features include forward and reverse engineering, markerless code generation, support of eight different diagrams, requirements gathering, predefined and extensible Design Patterns, and ability to generate Javadoc-style web reports from models. The module allows analysts and designers to design applications using a standard modeling language. Developers are then able to generate source code from the UML model and update the model from changes made in their source code.
Now you can localize //UML Modeling Module to your language.

Localize Menus and Labels of your Rich-Client Application

Localizing such basic menus and labels is a part of NetBeans IDE localization. If NetBeans Platform localization is not provided for your language and you need to localize them, please read this document.

Translate Web Documentation

If you're interested in translations of Web documentation, e.g. tutorials and articles, please visit Localizing NetBeans and Translating Web Site Content page.

Contribute Your Original Documentation

If you're interested in contributing your original documents, please visit Localising NetBeans and Translating Web Site Content page.

Download Localized NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform

If you need localized IDE 5.0 and 5.5, you can download these bits from the download page.

Test and Report Issues

We're providing possible test specifications and validation suites. You can also find out how to report issues.

What's New

  • Added a NetBeans Roadmap page
  • 5.5 daily build for az,cs,de,el,es,fr,it,nl,sq,sv and zh_TW are available
  • 5.5 ML FCS - ja,zh_CN and pt_BR have been released!!
  • 5.5 l10n-kit (English sources for localization) are available.
  • We released NetBeans 5.0 Russian and Korean !!
  • New Wiki available. Teams can use it to manage their work more easily, without having to check files in/out of the CVS
  • Click here to view What's New Archives.

What we are working on

Most language teams have just started to work on NetBeans release 5.5. Some languages are finishing up with NetBeans 5.0.


Any comments, suggestions for improvement, and feedback are welcome.