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Areas of Interest - Categorization rules

This chapter describes the rules used for dividing profiling results into different areas of interest.

Method tagging - how it is done

The main principle is tagging selected methods with marks specifiyng the areas the methods belong to. When processing call context tree of profiling results each method is queried for its tags and assigned to areas accordingly. A not tagged method is assigned to areas specified by tags of the first preceding tagged method.

Methods may be tagged by:

  • Tagging the whole package and all subpackages
  • Tagging all the methods of a specific class
  • Tagging only a particular method of a particular class
  • Tagging all implementors of a particular interface
  • Tagging all subclasses of a particular class
  • Free-type tagging - using all available information like thread name or time spent in the method

Definition of areas of interest and tagging rules for various project types

  • J2SE Project Type
    Tag Rules used
    UI All Swing and AWT listeners invocations + All methods from packages java.awt.* and javax.swing.* (and all descending subpackages)
    Net All methods from package java.* (and all descending subpackages)
    I/O All methods from pacakges*, java.nio.* (and all descending subpackages)
    Security All methods from pacakge* (and all descending subpackages)
    XML All methods from package javax.xml.* (and all descending subpackages)

  • J2EE Project Type
    Tag Rules used
    Web/Infrastructure Calls to init and destroy methods of servlets and filters + all methods from ServletInputStream and ServletOutputStream
    Web/Listeners Implementors of javax.servlet.*Listener interfaces
    Web/Execution Calls to doGet, doPost, doFilter + jsp exec methods
    EJB All implementors of javax.ejb.EnterpriseBean
    EJB/Callbacks/Infrastructure Calls to ejbRemove, setEntityContext, setSessionContext, setMessageDrivenContext and unsetEntityContext methods
    EJB/Callbacks/Pooling Calls to ejbActivate and ejbPassivate methods
    EJB/Callbacks/Persistence Calls to ejbLoad and ejbStore methods