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NetBeans UML Modeling Features

  • Forward and reverse engineering:  You can generate Java code from your model as well as create UML models from your existing Java source.
  • Markerless code generation:  The code generated by the UML module is free of any artificial markers, e.g. comments or tags, introduced solely to support code generation.
  • Supports 8 diagrams:
    • Activity diagram
    • Class diagram
    • Collaboration diagram
    • Component diagram
    • Deployment diagram
    • Sequence diagram
    • State diagram
    • Use Case diagram
  • Requirements gathering:  You can bring application design requirements into your model via an XML file or import them from Telelogic's DOORS requirements tool.
  • Predefined and Extensible Design Patterns: There is a full set of design patterns including EJB 1.1, EJB 2.0 and Gang of Four (23 patterns).
  • Web Reporting: You can create Javadoc style web reports from your model allowing your work to be easily shared with others.

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