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NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack Features

The NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack brings functional C/C++ IDE support to the NetBeans platform. Develop C/C++ applications for a variety of platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Solaris Operating Systems.

We encourage the developer community to provide feedback, input on future development, and help to test the pack across all NetBeans supported platforms. The current feature set includes:

  • C/C++ Project Support
  • Language-Aware Editor
  • Class Browser
  • Makefile Support
  • Debugger
  • Qualified Platforms

Feature Highlights

C/C++ Project Support

  • Supporting file types specific to C/C++ developers such as makefiles, header, shell and source files.
  • Makefile and configure-based projects
  • Templates structure typical projects and allow developers to focus on their business logic:
    • C/C++ Project from Existing Code
    • C/C++ Application
    • C/C++ Dynamic Library
    • C/C++ Static Library

Language-Aware Editor

  • Code completion
  • Code folding
  • Goto declaration
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Indentation

Class Browser

  • Navigate class hierarchies
  • View functions and symbols
  • Fast source-code parser doesn't require compilation

Makefile Support

  • Import existing makefiles to create new projects
  • Makefile wizard
  • Specify compiler, pre-processor definitions, compile-time options, etc.
  • Makefiles are created automatically for most project types.
  • Define and manage targets/configurations


  • Supports GDB 6.1 and newer
  • Integration with the NetBeans editor
  • Step, Pause, and Continue during debugging
  • Multi session support
  • Familiar NetBeans Debugger Model

Qualified Platforms

  • Developed in pure Java, the pack works on a wide variety of NetBeans supported platforms.
  • The pack has been qualified on the following platforms:
    • Microsoft Windows XP
    • Linux
    • Solaris 10 Operating System
  • We encourage the community to help test, and provide feedback, on other NetBeans platforms as well.

Next steps