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NetBeans Mobility Pack Project

About NetBeans Mobility Pack

NetBeans Mobility Pack can be used to write, test, and debug applications for Java Micro Edition (Java ME) platform enabled devices like pagers, mobile phones, and set-top boxes. Java ME uses smaller-footprint subsets of Java SE components such as virtual machines and APIs, and defines a number of APIs that are specifically targeted at consumer and embedded devices.

The NetBeans Mobility Packs support the two base configurations of the Java ME platform.

  • The NetBeans Mobility Pack integrates support for the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0 and the Connected, Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) 1.1. The CLDC configuration is for small wireless devices with intermittent network connections, like mobile phones, and personal digital assistants (PDAs). You can easily integrate third-party emulators for a robust testing environment.

  • The NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC integrates support for the Connected Device Configuration (CDC). This configuration is for devices with more memory and processing power as well as more robust network connections, such as set-top boxes, internet appliances, and embedded servers. You can easily integrate third-party emulators such as Sony Ericsson's CDC Platform 1 Extension Package for the UIQ 3 SDK Beta 3 and Nokia's S80 for a robust testing environment.

Java ME Tools Platform

One of the Mobility Pack project's goals is to provide a complete platform for Java ME Tool vendors. Java ME Ant extensions are IDE independent and can be used by any developer with an emulator integration API. Additional tools can be integrated as Ant tasks or with the NetBeans API and distributed as NetBeans plug-ins.

For Mobility Pack Users

If you are a Java ME developer and want to learn more about the Mobility Pack and download full releases for Windows or Linux, please visit the Mobility Pack product page.

For Mobility Pack Developers

The Developer pages provide more detailed information about the Mobility Pack including downloads of the latest builds, versions developed for platforms other than Windows and Linux, design documents, APIs, roadmaps and partner information. It also includes information about how to join the community and even participate in development!