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NetBeans Mobility Pack Testimonials

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  • Ankan

    Netbeans is so easy and user-friendly. Developing applications for mobile phones is really a simple task using the Mobility Pack. I had never programmed in Java before and using NetBeans, I developed several small mobile games (like minesweeper, tic-tac-toe, snake, sudoku solver) in less than 2 weeks. NetBeans is definitely the best IDE for Java, especially for J2ME.

  • Bruno Steppuhn - President and CEO, ZenSoft Studios, Inc.

    When we were evaluating development platforms for mobile devices, we quickly determined that the combination of NetBeans Mobility Pack and J2ME was hands down the best solution. These technologies have the most sophisticated and cost-effective tools for mobile platform development. Plus, a wide range of devices are Java-technology enabled, so using Java language tools for mobile development makes perfect sense.

  • SEA Tecnologia

    I really don't know why I kept using Eclipse for so long. [The] NetBeans Mobility Pack does everything I need, and even more with zero configuration! No more crazy tasks for managing mobile cell phones series and their multiple screen sizes, distinguished computational power, memories, and APIs. NetBeans gives me the productivity everybody wants. Great tool!

  • Charles A. - Northeastern University

    It is always a shortcut on my Professor who thinks I do it all by hand coding! The visual designer and workflow is the sweetest IDE I have ever seen!

  • Iwan Eising - SofTech Solution

    At the moment we're all with NetBeans, but only because our Eclipse die-hards think that NetBeans's mobility pack is superior to anything else out there...
    One really important thing for us is that we don't have to rely on the IDE to get things done, so the fact that NetBeans uses Ant for everything is really helpful in that area and we're able to use the same build-scripts in our daily work as well as our nightly builds.

  • Bozo Ivkovic - Cleunatech

    Thanks to NetBeans IDE and it's Mobility Pack, it was very painless switch from C++ to Java. Most of the time I spent on project was programming the game logic, not wasting time in learning Java because of excellent intellisense feature and Java API help. Debugging with emulators integrated in Netbeans IDE was 95% of all debugging, meaning only 5% of debugging was on actual mobile handset device. Finally, Preprocessor blocks and Configuration manager saved me big time in managing my five different ports of a game for five diifferent groups of mobile devices.

  • Dobromir Panchev

    NetBeans Mobility pack is the best IDE for mobile development I've ever seen! I'm really impressed by the the Flow designer! The interoperability between mobile device and J2EE server is easier and even many screen forms of the mobile application are auto-generated. Now J2ME programming is much easier, no more boring tasks. Thank you, guys!

  • Abdulla Khawatreh

    I am currently developing mobile applications using NetBeans mobility pack, I cannot believe how beautiful it is. Finally, an IDE you can trust. I've never trusted in any Java IDE, they cause troubles more than they can solve.

    I've installed NetBeans a few days a go, and it really got into me; the way code is organized, the features provided by the IDE, and more important is that it has a better performance than other IDEs.

    You will appreciate the work done on NetBeans when start developing mobile applications, it is heaven, in short, this is one of the greatest additions to the life of every "Java lover".

  • Marcelo Eduardo Moraes de Oliveira

    As any mobile developer knows, supporting the wide array of devices available can be very challenging. We created a custom solution to address this with Eclipse, but had issues with the pre-processing abilities. When NetBeans 4.0 became available, we learned that we could use the platform configuration feature to solve the fragementation issue which made it significantly easier to support multiple devices. The excellent Ant support, CVS connectivity and appealing user interface were other key factors that prompted us to make the switch to NetBeans.

  • Pavel Dort

    The #1 reason we've switched from Eclipse to NetBeans 4 is productivity and ease of use. It's just so much easier to create a new project and have it compiled and run. And since we're a mobile games developer, the quality of J2ME support is key for us. We found that it's very important that J2ME support comes from the IDE authors. This way the problems with constant J2ME plugin upgrades and resulting incompatibilities of project files and similar stuff from programmer hell is minimized. And the ANT integration is excellent and works great with our internal build process. The IDE is what it looks like when developers respect their users' wishes. What's better than hearing no more complaints from your programmers? :-)

  • Jean Madson

    When I was searching for an alternative to Delphi 3 (the language, the IDE features, and the cost-effective price), I came across NetBeans 3.8, it was love at the first sight. It did all I needed, for servers as well as clients, and even for mobile development. What more could I want? After Charlie Huntch's presentation of NetBeans 5.0, all my doubts were gone. OK, I have been using Eclipe (don't tell anybody, please), with all its needs of configuration, hard-coded Ant scripts, XML configuration files, plugins to download and install to be ready to run, and so on. I could see the guys in my workplace, they were very suprised after Huntch's lecture - one even said he had to review his concepts!
    Paraphrasing the Python motto, "NetBeans comes with batteries included."
    NetBeans rocks! Download - Install - Use it!!!

  • Chiotis Georgios - Informatics Services

    The team has tried many tools, commercial or not, but we have concluded to use the NetBeans IDE without discussion. It is beyond comparison at least for us.

  • Sim Reaney - The Photographer's Screwdriver

    I have looked at developing a simple application with J2ME before but never got off the starting blocks. With the NetBeans Mobility Pack I could just concentrate on my idea and getting the maths right rather than the Java issues.

  • Eric Zhan - j2medev

    Netbeans Mobility is a real good plug-in for developing MIDP application. It can integrate any UEI SDK such as Nokia Development Suite 3.0 and SonyEricsson J2ME SDK 2.2.3, it also provide more powerful project management function than eclipseME. I think the deploy function is great, I can directly deploy my application to my ftp server so that user can download it from mobile phone's wap browser.

  • Yasser El-Sherif - Loc8it

    I could easily implement the GUI using the built-in templates. I could finish big portion of work in a record time.

  • Arthit Suriyawongkul

    The Profiler just got a face-lifting! so beautiful! ;) The Mobility Pack (for Java ME) is very powerful as well, btw.